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Eternal Companions offers compasionate pet cremation services in Montreal and Ottawa. Choose from a selection of urns, memorials, and keepsakes.

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The Eternal Companions Team

Respectful Cremation for your Beloved Pet

Remember the first day you brought your new puppy or kitten home?  Remember the love and bonding you experienced as weeks became months and months turned into years?  Remember the good times, the mischievous moments and even the odd occasion you wish you could forget?

The unconditional love shared with a pet is no less powerful and profound than any close human relationship and because of this special bond, it is only fitting to honour them in death the same way you would your human family members or friends.  When your beloved pet dies or you decide to spare them suffering by euthanasia, you begin the next stage of your eternal journey together.  It is now time to honour them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Eternal Companions lightens the burden by gently guiding you through this difficult process.  We help prepare a personalized final tribute and Memorial Service that celebrates your pet's life and the special place they held in your heart.

Catherine and Prince. First day together 1993. Prince passed away September 25th, 2006.
Catherine and Prince. First day together 1993. Prince passed away September 25th, 2006.
We understand the transition is difficult for everyone and Eternal Companions is here to offer comfort, compassion and support to help ease the pain.

Our Healing Literature section has a variety of information available for adults and young readers to help both you and your family recover from such a painful loss while our Support Group connects people that are also grieving the loss of a pet.

The team at Eternal Companions will carefully assist you in choosing the service that brings the most comfort and peace of mind, while giving your pet a deserving tribute as they set off on their journey home to the Rainbow Bridge.

Blessings . . .

Catherine Kovacs


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