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Jazzy Rania

Jazzy Rania

Terrier X
July 20th, 1998-June 21st, 2006
"Ma belle Jazzy"
Jazzy Rania Jazzy Rania Jazzy Rania
Colour: Black
Favorite Activity: Riding in the car
Gender: Male
Farewell Jazzy,

You came into our lives not too long ago
Always by our side
Always in stride
You were joyful and unique
Your eyes so tender
You were ours to keep
So expressive and sincere
With each growl and bark
You brought us so much cheer
Our broken hearts will one day mend
You exuded loyalty and trust
No wonder they call you manīs best friend
Through good times and bad times
You were always by our side
Oh Jazzy! You gave us such a sense of pride
Downheartedly, the time has come to say our goodbyes
The void you leave can never be filled
We will always remember you through our cries

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