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August 26th, 2009
I miss you everyday Baby
no additional photos
Gender: Female
One evening in August Baby was running down the stairs off my deck and smashed her knee really hard. She had completely torn her cruiciate ligament and was completely lame. This, unfortunately was her one good knee, resulting in her not being able to use either of her back legs. This was on top of the hip dysplasia she had in both hips and an already torn ligament in her other knee. All of this pain caused her to have severe back pain as well. She was in so much pain it was really sad to see.

Baby has most probably lived with pain in her hips all of her life and no matter how many operations we would have performed on her, she would never have been pain free, so the awful decision was made to set her free.

Despite all of her pain, Baby kept smiling and wagging her stump right up until the end. She had a lovely personality and I am so happy that I happened to go to the pound and see her back in December. Although a third dog was not part of the plan, she wormed her way in. Baby was part of my family from December 10, 08 to August 26, 09, and she will be missed terribly.♥

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What a beautiful dog!!! Sorry for your loss...
December 12th, 2014 09:55:02
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