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Taipan Hiller

Taipan Hiller

Chow Chow
July 10th, 1997-February 22nd, 2007
He touched the lives of people who didnīt even know him just by his beauty and his charisma that he carried with him wherever he went.
Taipan Hiller
Colour: White
Favorite Activity: Running in the yard with Miko; being in the car-car; going for walks; how he loved his buddies - Scotty, Cooper, Rocky, Amber, King and his equine friends: Bugle Call & Cote St-Charles; being with dad at work
Favorite Food: Biscuits
Gender: Male
Richard and I had a heart wrenching decision to make today; we had to let our Taipan go to heaven. This is a tribute to one very special and amazing dog that came into our lives 9-― years ago as a beautiful little ball of fur.  

Taipan touched many people and other animals in his too short life. Many of our friends and family will surely miss his visits and his presence when they came to our home.  This gentle fun loving Chow Chow amazed many people, especially during his last weeks. We would like to offer our special thanks and deepest gratitude to Dr. Amanda Glew and Dr. Isabelle Coté, Tina, Jane, Genevieve, Tammy, Johanne, Izie and all involved at the Hudson Animal Hospital and to Dr. Lisa Carioto and Melissa.  I sensed from all of them that they felt he was a very special dog.

He had a truly gentle and friendly temperament, especially for a Chow Chow. His smile lit up our lives whenever we came home. During our walks in the neighborhood, many people stopped us amazed with this beautiful animal, asking what breed he was.  And when people drove by, often I noticed complete strangers looking and smiling because they saw him prancing along, as if this was the best thing in the world; being outside and going for a walk.  He even touched the lives of people who didnīt even know him just by his beauty and his charisma that he carried with him wherever he went.

Things that we will never forget:

How he loved running around in the yard with his life long pal Miko.

How he loved being in the car-car and sitting way at the back in the corner with his back up against the side looking out the window. We could see him from the rear view mirror, checking out everything as we traveled along.

How he got so excited when Richard and I came home and how he looked out the window and ran around until we got in the house.

How he would walk through Ethelīs walker when she was over visiting and how he seemed to look out for her when she stayed over night, following her around the house.

How he got excited when Bev came over to walk him and even got excited when she drove by in her car.

How he loved to go visit Bevīs late Dad, who was our neighbor for so many many years. And for months after Jim left us, Taipan would stop at the end of his driveway, during our walk, as if he was still looking for him.  We always wondered why he did that.

How during our walks and our social times with our neighbors Mike and Katherine, he would sit at Katherineīs feet as if she was so very special to him.  And Briana, their 1-1/2 year old daughter once got her toes licked. Obviously he couldnīt resist those tasty little baby toes.

How he would, ever so gently, take a dog biscuit that was offered, to make sure he didnīt hurt your fingers.

How gentle and loving he was with all the small children that visited.

How he loved to romp around or visit with other dogs; Scotty, Cooper, Rocky, Amber, King and his three horse friends at the corner of Bugle Call & Cote St-Charles and many others.

How he loved to visit Richardīs office and sit with Miko by the front door to watch for anyone who wanted to come in.

How when I tried to bring him in the house he would play and not let me get near him because he knew he would have to come in.

One day when he got loose, Miko and I followed him for nearly and hour before I could get close enough to get a leash on him.  I managed to get more burrs on me than he did.  But lucky for all of us he did not go into the horse paddock where 15 horses were loose grazing.

We often called him our little Bozo, because I truly believe he really tried to make us laugh with some of his stunts.

How he would snooze outside while it was snowing until all you could see was a lump in the snow.

How, in the heat of the summer, he would burrow into the sand to keep cool.

How he would sit outside and bark and bark and bark when it was time for "walkies". As soon as I would open the door, he would "talk to me" (probably saying hurry up!).

How, at night, he would go to sleep by the fireplace where cool air leaked down the chimney but he would be upstairs, at our bedroom door, when we woke up in the morning.

How he would sit on the deck with his nose up in the air, surveying his kingdom.  Those where the moments where he truly fitted his name sake "Big Boss"

How, if he heard the car keys jingle, no matter where he was, he would be at your side in one second flat with his tail wagging and a big smile.

TAIPAN, we will never forget you.
And thank you God for having brought this wonderful animal into our lives.

Corinne, Richard & Miko

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