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Yorkshire Terrier
September 5th, 1999-August 29th, 2010
ChiChi was an important member of our family who brought us much joy and happiness, he will always hold a special place in our hearts, his memory will remain and we will never forget him.
ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi ChiChi
Colour: Golden and black
Favorite Activity: Walking in the park and rolling in the fresh snow.
Favorite Buddies: Taz your brother, Chase, Chopin, Chanelle, Kamita, Corky, Nico, Cosmos, Joffy, Buster, Princesse, Coquette, Maggie, Poupounne, Belle
Favorite Food: Mixing a bit of chicken in his weight control food.
Favorite Toy: His red and white plush bone.
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Ti-gars, Pitou, Ti-bébé
ChiChi came to us thanks to our son Raymond.  We met ChiChi for the first time on his second birthday, September 5, 2001.  We were instantly taken by this gorgeous lovable little guy who was full of life.  ChiChi immediately sensed our happiness and showered us with caresses and kisses.  ChiChi became then and there a very important member of our family.

ChiChi settled in at once, quite excited and running around the house from room to room to familiarize himself with his new home.  We installed his big cushion and toys in the living room where we normally would gather all the time.  

ChiChi cuddled comfortably between us that first night and would move several times to find a warm spot leaning against one of us or in between us and all the time we would accommodate him and making sure he was all right.  ChiChi was a very happy dog and he made this home extremely special for all of us.  We truly loved him and paid special attention to all his needs.  He loved to be caressed and taken in our arms and would reward us with glowing eyes and kisses.  ChiChi was spoiled and the master of our home.

We were very blessed to have ChiChi as part of our family for 9 happy and rewarding years, he was not just a dog but a very exceptional, special friend and companion to all of us, we were very close.  Unfortunetaly, the day did come when we had to let you go and it was with great pain and sadness to hold you in our arms, caress you, kiss you, speak to you until the end.  The shock of losing you so soon is still present in our lives, we cried many tears and the void will never be filled.  We will never forget you and we think of you many times a day and you will continue to live in our thoughts and hearts.  We will always love you and one day we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

A very special thanks to Dr. Thomas Krall from the St-Laurent Animal Hospital as ChiChi´s primary care giver and to Dr. Madelaine Hill from the Alta Vista Animal Hospital for emergency care.  Also, many thanks to Catherine and staff at Eternal Companions for the caring service at ChiChi´s cremation. Nous ne t´oublierons jamais.
Pierre, Shirley, Raymond and Stéphane Lajoie
Ottawa, Ontario.

Comments (12 )
Dearest ChiChi,

Today is December 29 - 2010, exactly four months to the day that you left us for a better place to be with your brother Taz.  However, it´s been very lonely and quiet in the house since that day but you are present in our minds and hearts where your memory will remain forever.

We think of you several times every day and every time we see someone walking with their dog we always remember what you used to do while walking with us.  Christmas was not the same this year because you were not there to amuse us but all of us remembered you fondly and what it was like to have you around.

ChiChi, our beautiful ti-gars, you will never be alone since we will always be there to watch over you, you were an exceptional companion and member of our family. Your urn adores our living room and we touch it every day. Missing you a lot. Nous ne t´oublierons jamais.

Dad, Mom, Raymond and Stéphane.

December 29th, 2010 15:05:19
Our Dearest ChiChi,
Monday, 29 / 8 / 11

One year ago today, we had to let you go, the memory still haunts us and the guilt still hurts us. Sunday, August 29th, 2010 will always be one of the worst days in our lives.. The decision we made was so hard to do, please remember we were thinking of you. We still remember the look of confusion on your pretty face while we waited for the vet to come in the room. As we waited, Stephane, mom and I took turns holding you very close and kissing you as we cried and you were staring at us wondering what was going on. Our lives go on without you, but nothing is the same, missing you everyday, wish you were here.  

ChiChi was the greatest, he had it all. He gave it all back, love, comfort, protection and friendship flowed effortlessly from a bottomless well of devotion and trust. You gave us so much, asking for nothing in return. As a routine in the evening, I will always remember sitting on the floor in front of the TV and ChiChi would cuddle between my legs and as I rubbed him gently he would doze off and although my back was sore I did not move so I would not disturb him.

Time may pass, but it will never erase the beautiful memories in our hearts. There are great memories and hundreds of fine photos and we know in our hearts we gave you the best possible life you could ever have had and we made sure you never got into harm´s way. And when you were sick, we would not wait to see how you would feel the next day, we would take you to the vet urgently. You brought pure happiness, companionship and joy into our lives, we speak of you daily. You won everyone´s heart, and sadly, greatly missed by all. You were a gift from heaven above and we thank God for giving us ChiChi. ChiChi, you will always remain at the center of our family. ChiChi, you were our baby, notre grand ami, nous ne t´oublierons jamais.

Dad, Mom, Raymond et Stéphane.

August 24th, 2011 15:01:10
Our Dearest ChiChi,
Wednesday, 29 / 8 / 12

Already, two years ago today, we did the hardest thing of all, releasing you from the hurt that had become too much. The house is still very quiet, devoid of that life that was always there. We find our dog-less house an empty place indeed. No more warm and constant companion in whatever room we are in. No more can we expect that beautiful face walking around, peeking around some corner, checking what we are doing and staying with one of us for a while and then travelling to another room to find someone else for a moment. No more little tiny squares of toast in the morning or little treats of ice cream at dinnertime. ChiChi no longer walks by our side in our project looking for some friendly neighbor with their dog.

The absence of this little guy is the hardest thing. However, ChiChi still looked youthful with a little white fur here and there masked by his natural blond and black color, a perky looking face, big piercing eyes and a great deal of spirit. He would greet everyone who came to our door with a mean bark as a warning, but once he had established that you were not a threat, ChiChi toned down his bark. There was simply an intensity of devoted love for all of us.

This is not something easily explained to those who have never lived with dogs. But here is the true knowledge of dog owners: their pet's devotion is a gloriously real thing, the gift of God who was smiling the day he created dogs. ChiChi had a generous heart and a great personality and was a big part of our family and always will be. For that, we owe our wonderful ChiChi more than the love that was so easy, we owe him memory respect, for what he brought to our family and the world around him. Though absent, you are always near in our hearts and minds, we think of you every day. ChiChi, our best friend and companion, nous ne t'oublierons jamais.

Dad, Mom, Ray and Stéphane.

August 25th, 2012 16:24:27
Our Dearest ChiChi,
Thursday, 29/8/13

Another year has passed and as time goes by the days have turned into years. It's been 3 long years since your untimely departure. Today brings very sad memories of our dearest ChiChi and those happy days when we were all together, you enriched our family life in so many ways. Life has gone on without you, but it will never be the same.  We think of you every day and remember the memories of love and joy you brought into our lives, you are always at our side but loneliness fills our hearts.

ChiChi shared his joy of life with his family and touched those who knew him. The house is unnaturally quiet, devoid of that life that was always there, a dog-less house is an empty place indeed. No more constant companion in whatever room we were in. ChiChi was full of fun and mischief especially in his youth, there was simply an intensity of devoted love and we returned that love by taking very good care of our family member.  

ChiChi was a gift from the Creator who was smiling the day he made dogs, we are grateful for having shared precious moments. ChiChi would have given his life to save ours and any of us would have defended him fiercely in any dangerous situation. You gave us so much and asking for nothing in return and we will always have great memories of you. ChiChi, notre baby, we miss you a lot and always will. Nous ne t'oublierons jamais

Love always,
Dad, Mom, Raymond and Stéphane.

September 5th, 2013 10:24:09
Dearest ChiChi,
Today is August 29-2014, we miss you as much today as we did four years ago, with tearful eyes we watched you pass away. Loving memories never die as days go on and years go by, we wish you could have stayed a while longer. We continue on this journey of life, thinking of you every day as if you were here with us. Those special years will not return when we were all together, but we hold you tightly in our hearts forever.
We often sit and think of you because you were very special and cannot be replaced. Your many photos hold a million memories and a thousand tears. To us you were very special, what is more to say, except to wish with all our hearts that you were here today. In life we loved you dearly, in death we love still, you left us very sweet memories.
ChiChi, your absence to us is sorrow, but nothing can be more beautiful then the memories we have of you. We held you in our arms for a little while, we will hold you in our hearts forever. Lord, now that another year has passed please guard him and tend to him with loving care. We will always remember the good times when you were with us, we are doing well, thanks ChiChi, until we meet again at the Rainbow bridge. You were our best friend and will always be, nous ne t'oublierons jamais.  
Love always,
Dad, Mom, Raymond , Stéphane

August 26th, 2014 11:35:56
Dearest ChiChi,
Today is the 29/8/15, exactly 5 years ago that we made the very difficult decision to stop your suffering and send you on a peaceful journey to dog heaven. We still remember the first day you came to see us and that was the moment that you and all of us made the decision to welcome you in our family. It was a marvelous day that we will never regret and forget and it was the right decision.
Instantly, you became a very important family member and we loved every moment of caring for you. You were friendly, loyal, loving and you became a part of us from day one. We did not leave you alone in the house very often, we made sure that there was always someone for you to be with so that you were not lonely. On occasions, when we had to leave you it was always for a short time and when we came home you were right there to welcome us by running down the hall and back. We all liked to walk around the community, speak with neighbors and meet their dogs which was not always easy because you were very picky.
Those 9 years you spent with us were the best years we had together, we loved you very much and you loved us in return.  You were always full of joy, boundless affection and living life in the moment. ChiChi, thanks for being our faithful companion all these years, we all love you forever. Friends, be sure to give your furry kids hugs and kisses today, they are on loan to us only for a short time. ChiChi, we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge and then we will be together forever. We think of you every day as we always did. We miss all the activity that you created in our home. Nous ne t'oublierons jamais.
Dad, Mom, Ray and Stéphane

August 25th, 2015 12:28:32
Dearest ChiChi,
Monday, 29 / 8 / 16

Today, 6 years ago, we had to make the very difficult and painful decision to let you go, although that decision was best for you. We had promised you that we would be there till the last second and we were able to hold you as the doctor put you to sleep to ease your pain. A heart of gold stopped beating and shining eyes at rest. God broke our hearts to prove that he only takes the best but you did not go alone for part of us went with you the day He took you home. It's hard to believe you are not around anymore.

The house is so empty without your little face following us around everywhere and you enriched our lives every day in small ways.  We enjoyed our walks together to the local park where we were greeted by others with their dogs, although sometimes you made that difficult.  ChiChi was an endearing presence and was instantly loved by everyone who crossed his trail.

We will never forget the joy you gave us, the friendship, the loyalty and the unconditional love, you were the centre of our world, a light in our lives, faithful, gentle and so beautiful. Thank you for giving us your love. We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge and run and play. We think of you daily and we will always cherish your memory. Bye for now, till we meet again. ChiChi, we will never forget you. Nous ne t'oublierons jamais.
Dad, Mom, Ray and Stéphane.

August 22nd, 2016 16:49:26
Dearest ChiChi,
Tuesday, 29/8/17

We still remember that awful day seven years ago when we drove you to the vet. Although it was very difficult for all of us present, we knew that it was necessary to let you go to ease your pain. We had made a pledge to you that we would not let you suffer any more. We knew that this day would come and the decision was very painful but it was the right decision. We felt so helpless that we could not save you. We took turns in holding you very close to reassure you that we were there for you and we cried until your last breath.

We still remember the first day when Ray brought you over so we could meet you and we immediately became so glad to see you, you were such a happy beautiful little guy. It was a very good day as it was also your 2nd birthday. That day was quite memorable because you decided to stay and we were thrilled to accept you in our family. ChiChi, we loved you from the first day you stepped into our lives and we were extremely happy to provide for you and keep you happy and safe. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same but our memories of you will live on forever.  

ChiChi, you brought so much joy, love and happiness into our family and we were totally grateful to you for accepting to become a member of our family. Lord, we thank you for entrusting ChiChi to our care, and for sustaining him in our love for those memorable years. Lord, take care of ChiChi until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. ChiChi, our precious angel, our best buddy, our loving friend and our devoted companion. Nous ne t'oublierons jamais.

Love always,
Dad, Mom, Raymond and Stéphane.

August 23rd, 2017 08:49:51
Dearest ChiChi,
Wednesday, 29/8/18

ChiChi, it's great that we can chat with you and I'm happy to be sending you a few thoughts from all of us. It's been eight years already and this year has been rather difficult for us because of health problems.  However, we think of you always and we know that you are thinking about us and that you are there to comfort us. You brought us so much joy, pleasure, happiness and you still do. ChiChi, you were a very special dog with a magnetic personality, a huge heart and one of a kind special friend, best companion and important family member and you will remain so forever.  

We had a great life together, we experienced a special bond and you were always loyal and loving to your family. We still feel so much grief over your loss and we still remember that our family revolved around you. The house is so quiet without you and we fill it with memories of the many years we were blessed to spend with you.  Although we did not leave you alone at the house very often, we miss you greeting us at the door and running happily back and forth in the hallway. You made our family life something special every day.  

We miss you dearly and you are forever in our thoughts and hearts. ChiChi, there will never be another you and we thank the Lord for letting us have you all these wonderful years.
ChiChi, have fun with your brother Taz and other friends that are there with you at the Rainbow Bridge. A loving soul we will never forget and we will cherish you forever and one day we will be together again. Big hugs from all of us, wait for us.

Nous ne t'oublierons jamais.

Love always,
Dad, Mom, Raymond and Stéphane.

August 25th, 2018 14:06:08
Dearest ChiChi,
Thursday 29/8/19

ChiChi, one year ago today I wrote to you like I do every year since you left us, you meant the world to us.  We miss you a lot since Shirley and I have not been well for a while, we wish you were here. However, we know that you think of us all the time and you are there to comfort us. You were our precious little guy, something is missing when we arrive home and when we watch TV. ChiChi, you were more than just a pet, you were our friend, our loyal companion and a very important part of this family.

We always remember the day Raymond brought you home and instantly you stole our hearts and right then you became a member of our family. We also remember the fun we had when we used to throw your toy to the end of the hallway and you kept running back and forth wanting more until you were out of breath. We still remember all the good old days when we all sat outside watching neighbors go by with their dog, most of the times they would approach us to actually come to see you. However, you were very friendly with people but not always with other dogs.

Every day in some small way, memories of you come our way. Though absent, you are ever near, still missed, still loved, and ever dear. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. On reflection, we have been blessed to have had you many years, we just wish it could have been longer. We know that you are in an amazing place and one day we will meet at the rainbow bridge. In the meantime, big hugs from all of us, be with God and wait for us.

Nous ne t'oublierons jamais.

Love always,
Dad, Mom, Raymond, Stéphane.

September 2nd, 2019 16:02:16
Dearest ChiChi,

ChiChi, it was a very sad day ten years ago when we had to let you go to stop your suffering and ease your pain. However, as you well know we have been living a very sad life since November 5, 2019. That tragic day your dear friend and family member Stéphane passed away suddenly at the age of 48. We also know that you welcomed him at the Rainbow Bridge and that you have been constantly beside him to love him, hold him tightly and keeping him company. We are quite sure that Stéphane was happy to see you because he loved you so very much. ChiChi, your ashes are secure in Stéphane's niche.
We also remember every time Stéphane came home from work you were very happy to greet him at the door and follow him everywhere in the house and that Stéphane was also full of joy to see you. Stéphane was a very caring human being, he would be there if someone needed help. ChiChi, as you know, Stéphane was an outdoors man, loved nature and he would be most happy riding in the country side with his many friends on his Harley. He would bring home photos of animals, peaceful lake sceneries, dated buildings in the countryside.

Life for us has changed dramatically, but we have no choice but to go on living our lives as best we can by remembering those we lost every day. We miss you both constantly and we will never forget the joys we had as a complete family. Hugs and kisses.

Nous ne t'oublirons jamais.
Love always.

Dad, Mom and Raymond.

August 24th, 2020 06:43:13
Dear Pierre and Family,
Please accept our heart felt condolences for your losses.  
Warmest regards,
Catherine and everyone at Eternal Companions

August 29th, 2020 15:31:06
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