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Buggy E.G.S

Buggy E.G.S

August 30th, 1997-March 21st, 2011
Buggy, was not just a goldfish, she was my pet, and close companion for a little over 13 years. She didnīt act like any fish anyone had ever seen. She had personality.
Buggy E.G.S Buggy E.G.S Buggy E.G.S Buggy E.G.S Buggy E.G.S
Colour: She was pure white, with dark, large Navy-Blue eyes, which came from her rare color morph called "Luesistic". She was a Luesistic Eyed, White Calico Fantail
Favorite Activity: Following people across her tank, and watching the activities in the room, and eating.
Favorite Buddies: Her only long term tank mate "Time-Tale" Died 5 or so years ago, but he was her close companion.
Favorite Food: She just loved flakes. I couldnīt feed her anything but those and sinker foods made for bottom feeders. She trusted me enough to hand feed.
Favorite Toy: She loved to push her weeds around.
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Buggy, Fatty, Bucket-Fish, Buggy Eggs,
I first got Buggy on my 9th Birthday. I remember I had wanted a pet, though we had 3 cats and a dog, but my mother said we had enough animals. But I wanted either fish, or frogs, or something unique. Well on that day, my family pitched together and got me a little 5 gallon start up kit, and my Mother said she was going to drive me to the nearest town (about a half hour away) to get me some goldfish. I was ecstatic. So when we got there, out of all the fish, two stood out. A bright red one, and a bright white one with Blue eyes... Buggy.

Over the years I added more fish to the tank, and eventually up graded to a 25 gallon tank. And through various moves, and family troubles, I always had my two fish to count on being there with me, if I was in my room crying, I would turn to my fish and just watch them. They always calmed me down. I promised them one day I would make sure they were big enough so I could release them into the ocean so that they could be free. As bad as an idea it was, at that age, I wanted them to be happy, and to be free, in years to come.

About eight years later, Time-Tale passed away. I had him buried with a tombstone my father had made for me. Buggy I was sure was traumatized so I made sure to clean up her tank and get her resettled in asap. My friends knew I had fish but never really knew how unique they were until they heard Time-Tale had died at the age of eight. Then they new, Buggy was just as old and was still kicking.

My friends and family, and new friends and loves to come grew fond of Buggy. They grew a greater understanding for fish. She would keep her dorsal fin down when she was sad, and sit upon her rock near the front of the tank, until you came by and called to her "happy fishy?" and she was swim up and her fins would fan out and, well, basically I made my friends amazed on how emotionally responsive she was. She loved my boyfriend, she would follow him around her tank and she would watch TV with him. She would sit in the corner of her tank that faced the TV. She watched over us while we placed cards, and glared at me and my friend angrily when she saw us eating salmon. Those who have been able to see her have been amazed by not only her look but her spunk. As if no other fish in the world was like her.

Her last year started to look grim. Her tail wouldnīt stop being infected and her swim bladder gave up, so she sank to one side. I tried my best to aid her, by removing rocks to soften the blow and even make her a sort of sling out of an unused washcloth.

It finally came down to it, though she had looked better, on the first day of spring, she finally stopped breathing, and with that, passed on from this world. I still grieve hard for her, as it will take time to realize I wonīt have her after nearly 14 years of her being there every day when I would come home. I had promised her to cremate her, as to pay her respect, and to let her body be taken care of with dignity instead of being simply.. flushed away. (Though she was too big for that option literally).

It will take time to heal but I hope that everyone will remember her. I hope that some day, a unique and beautiful fish like her will surface again. Though none could ever replace her.

I just know now, though I couldnīt ever let her go, she is with Time-Tale now, in the Rainbow Pond. And together they will swim on for eternity. She can finally swim free.
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