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Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock

Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock

December 18th, 1998-June 30th, 2011
Tags: our angel
Chardy loved life so much and we adored her so.  Because of Chardonnay we went from a couple to a family.  A better little girl never existed.  
Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock
Colour: Salt & Pepper
Favorite Activity: Being with her family, going for a walk, sending and receiving pee-mail, chasing squirrels and puss puss, sniffing, running around her property, laying in the plants
Favorite Buddies: Mommy and Daddy, Chloe, Squirrels and Cats
Favorite Food: "Mommy food", pup-o-roni, anything from Mommy´s & Daddy´s plate, dried liver chops, filet mignon, chicken
Favorite Toy: Squirrely and Froggy
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Chardy, Baby Girl Puppy, Little Monkey, Munchkin, Little Angel Puppy, Chardonnay Puppy
From the very first day I met You, You stole my heart.
Your Daddy who had said he didn´t want a little companion fell in love with You too right away.

You were the sunshine in our hearts and our home.

All those days when I was ill, nothing and no one could entice You away from me.  You made it your job to take care of me.  You were so giving

You became the Baby Girl I always longed for and Daddy cherished you

You poor Baby Girl, always had health issues but nothing could keep You down for long. You were always such a fighter because You loved life so much. You came back from the brink of death twice before

Puss Puss, Squirrels, and people were always your favorites

You loved your "Mommy food" but I always thought you still preferred your long walks

All your Pee Mail that You read and sent everyday with your Pleasure Meter beating away.  What a Joy You were to be with

You were always So Joyful, So Curious, So Intelligent, So HUMAN
You knew when things were well and when they were not

You were always so accepting and though You liked to travel, your home was always your Kingdom

You came with us everywhere, banks, restaurants, bars, hotels. If You couldn´t come in we didn´t go

You were our Baby Girl Puppy and always will be.
We miss You so terribly.  We so wished that we could have saved You one more time. But this time Heaven wanted its Angel back and You were ready, but we were not and still aren´t

Who will make us smile at the wag of a tail, at a barky Hello
Who will give me loving by rubbing her nose along my leg
Who will go see Daddy for kisses and protection during a thunder storm

Everyone tells us we did everything possible, we spared no expenses of time or money but it still doesn´t feel like we did enough. Every other time, with your help, we managed to save You. But this time  we know You asked us to let you go. That last night when You looked at me with your beautiful brown eyes and asked me to hold on to your paw You were ready to let go but we, still, selfishly wanted to keep You with us

But because we loved You so much we did what You asked of us and now our hearts have this gigantic hole in them. Only the memories of You, your fantastic personality, your buttered popcorn paws and cute little ears smells will one day, maybe, fill this enourmous gap in our Life and our Hearts

Be Happy in Puppy Heaven and finally catch that squirrely, that fishie, that birdie, that puss puss that always eluded You during your time with us.  We know that You won´t hurt any of them since You could never hurt anything or anyone. You could only bring Joy and Happiness

You finally can be in a world free of pain, tests, medications and vets.  We know that even though You always collaborated so well it could not have been pleasant, but You were so smart, You understood that it was always for Your own good

You will forever be with us and all those that You met through your too short life. No one that had the pleasure of meeting You
can ever forget you

We Love you Baby Girl, Chardonnay Cyr-Sharock and Always Will.
Look after us and make us strong so that we can come to the point where we can celebrate Your Life fully

And don´t be afraid Mommy and Daddy are Here and Forever will be.
Comments (1 )
Hi Diane and James
Beautiful dedication.
Chardy´s little body is gone but
 her spirit will be with you forever.

August 26th, 2011 10:34:53
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