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Domestic Short Hair
November 1st, 1995-February 27th, 2012
I lost my Raven on Feb 27, 2012, at the age of 16.  She, along with her sister and myself, lived in perfect harmony all these years. Her sister remains my dearest companion, but without our Raven, we are incomplete.
Raven Raven
Colour: Black with huge white mittens, and a white tuxedo front. She had gleaming green eyes and very long whiskers
Favorite Activity: When younger, eating was her absolute favorite activity, followed by constantly running up and down the stairs - her favorite exercise. When older, she enjoyed being the boss of our six other felines.
Favorite Buddies: Her sister and soulmate, Melisande. I was her favorite human friend, and caregiver.
Favorite Food: When younger, anything! When older, she got very particular and preferred my home baked chicken breasts - skinless and boneless, of course.
Favorite Toy: There must be at least a hundred toys all over the place, but she seemed to prefer one particular woolly mouse. Donīt know why she loved that one so much, but she obviously had her reasons.
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): "Sprite" (she was so agile and quick) "The Commander" (the head honcho of our feline regiment) "RAVENous" (as she was always hungry - the name fit perfectly)
My Raven came into my life (along with her sister Melisande) as four month old rescues. They were unsocialized, but had the potential to be wonderful cats. They just needed someone who understood how to reach out to them, and so they were entrusted to me. I had previous experience with cats who had suffered from neglect and cruelty.

They did indeed grow to be more than wonderful, in fact, two feline angels on earth...

Now, my angel Raven, has returned to heaven, and my remaining angel Melisande, is  more precious than ever.

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