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June 19th, 2008-December 17th, 2012

We will miss you so much fuzz face, and thank you for all the love, happiness and good times you gave and shared with us.
Colour: Black, White & Brown
Favorite Activity: He had many activities he enjoyed; Car rides, walks, off-leash dog parks, smelling games, squeaky toys, playing with his pack and parents. He loved to roll around on his back and let his pack mates nip at his paws, while he tried to nip theirs. He loved to go camping and being out in the woods and sleeping in a tent.
Favorite Buddies: His Mate Lyekka and his puppy Hunter were his pack.
Favorite Food: He loved carrots, peppers but always preferred a smoked bone to chew on.
Favorite Toy: Anything furry with a squeaker inside. He can squeak on a toy until he falls asleep snuggling it
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Kai-Guy, Pupstar, Fuzz Face, Mr. Floppy Ears, Baby Boy,
Kai was born in a barn in Kemptville on June 19th 2008. We adopted him on August 15th 2008, and he was so tiny that we took him home inside a make-up case with a little cloth that had his mommy's scent on it.
For the first while we had to soften his food to eat and he had troubles sleeping so he often slept on Brandon's leg while he played video games. A few weeks later he took to sleeping snuggled under the blankets with me.
He went to puppy school as soon as he was old enough too and was top of the class in training, it was during school that we got a friend for him, Lyekka. She is from champion show dog lines and was only a month older than him. She had very little time to be a dog and the previous owners were raising her to be a show dog so she  lacked a playful personality most puppies have. Kai showed her how to be a puppy and have fun and they both developed a bond immediately and got into lots of trouble. He would do something bad and she would bark to tattle on him and he would the same to her.
A friend of our got Kai's brother K-9 and the two were lucky enough to grow up near each other and often played together with Lyekka.
Kai was an amazing tracking dog and could find anything you asked him to find as long as he had a scent to go on.
One of his exciting memories would be when we went camping and he found this HUGE turtle coming out of the woods, he kept his distance from it but had to bay to let us know he found it. We had so much rain on that camping trip that our campsite eventually flooded but Kai enjoyed the bad weather and always wanted to play in the rain when we just wanted to be dry and inside the tent.

Our two beagles were such beautiful dogs that we decided to let them breed and Kai sired 6 beautiful litters in his lifetime. It was the 5th litter that we kept a puppy and named him Hunter, who became an addition to Kai's pack.
Hunter & Kai played all the time, and eventually Hunter became the care taker for his parents; he cleaned Kai's ears, eye gunk and even nibbled on his claws when they became too long. Hunter did this for his mom Lyekka too, it was rather adorable how well they all blended together.

In September 2012, Kai got a nasty cough, that sound awful and I took him to the vet to get it checked out, he also had slightly raised bumps on his neck, the vet said it was nothing to worry about and gave us cough medicine and some antibiotics and sent us home. After a week, the bump on his neck became huge but was painless for Kai. The vet told me they couldn't see us for 2 weeks, needless to say I switched vets but not before the bump went away by the next day.
Kai stayed healthy until late November when those bumps reappeared on his neck and became huge, we took him to the vet and the vet also found bumps on all his lymph nodes. Tests were done but it was obvious Kai had Lymphoma.
We tried various medication but as Kai was already in a lot of pain decided against chemotherapy. We instead decided on keeping him on medication, spend as much time as we could with him, make him as comfortable as possible and spoil him with treats and extra love.
On December 16th his health took a turn for the worse and he could no long eat or drink, he was in a lot of pain and he even tried to hide himself in the backyard in a snow/ice storm,  but what was worse was that life had left his eyes and he wasn't the same again. That's when we decided to that it was time to end his suffering and give him a dignifying end rather than to continue to suffer and die painfully.
On December 17th, Kai shared a bacon and egg breakfast with me and then had a nice car ride before going for his final visit to the clinic. He passed away at 1:30pm, and it was very peaceful and proper farewell for a pup as amazing as Kai.
We all miss him terribly but he made his mark in every human and dog that he met, he brought so much happiness and special moments into our home and for that I can never thank  him enough , but I will never forget him.
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