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September 3rd, 1993-March 14th, 2008
The Little Bird with a Big Heart
Colour: Silver grey and white
Favorite Activity: Peeping and catcall whistles for the ladies
Gender: Male
Rudy was a permanent fixture at Woofers since the store opened in Sep ´93 until his passing on Saturday March 14th, 2008. He would have been fifteen this June.

All of Woofers´ customers knew Rudy and some would come visit him even if they didn´t need anything for their own pets that day. Rudy especially loved the ladies; he always had a happy little peep or catcall whistle for them. He made all our customers feel welcome and, for his favourites, he would see them in the parking lot and get all excited - peeping and running back and forth on top of his cage. He would waste no time in jumping on to them as soon as they were close enough.

Rudy will be missed by Woofers´ customers and staff, his family, alike.

One of his favourite customers didn´t believe that he recognized her from the parking lot, and if he recognized anything, she said, it had to be her very vibrant winter jacket. We told her that it was her face he was responding to and when spring came, Rudy had the same response to her with her non-vibrant, navy blue raincoat. She loved how he made her feel welcome and that birdie- hello will be missed.

Comments (2 )
I have had the pleasure of knowing Rudy the past 4 years.  Before knowing him, I had not really known many birds.  After meeting him, I soon learned how intelligent they are.  A friend to sing with, talk with and even danse with.  Rudy you taught many and most certainly touched many.  Each time I walk in the store and not see your sweet face, there will always be a feeling of loss.  Thanks Rudy for the joy you brought to many, you were very much loved.

April 8th, 2008 21:33:39
I feel lucky to have been able to have Rudy as part of my at work family. The enthusiasm he showed for our good morning greetings was precious.

He just knew if he could call me over (of course he could) I´d remember to share my breakie biscuit with him, (which of course I would).

His little cheeky self gave me a rare gift every morning. For 10 minutes or so I still wasn´t at work yet. We could have been anywhere, little bird perched on my knee, nibbling away at whatever I held between my fingers.

I will miss him & remember him, the little featherhead.
April 10th, 2008 20:51:25
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