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Buddy Tooley

Buddy Tooley

Golden Retriever
June 27th, 2006-September 15th, 2013
Buddy had the sweetest kindest heart that any pup could ever have, and a gentle loving way about him that would bring tears to your eyes. He had a way of winning hearts, to the very end of his life. He came to us from the Golden Rescue organization.
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Colour: Buddy was many shades of golden with the softest fur to touch.
Favorite Activity: Buddy loved to be loved and he especially loved being around his many friends and family. He also enjoyed catching frisbees, and jumping off the dock to retrieve his sticks and promptly chewing them up! He loved to try and catch fish at the Calabogie cottage. He loved to play with snowballs and loved to catch them in his mouth. He loved chasing sticks in the woods and chewing them up, and he loved to take naps! He loved his belly rubs and of course, he loved to eat. He loved to go for walks and he loved to chase his pals and run. He loved going on his back in the grass and wiggle, especially after a swim. And most of all, he loved giving love and joy to everyone he met.
Favorite Buddies: His pals Riley, Coco, Myles, Katie and his many doggy friends at the Conroy Pit.
Favorite Food: Buddy loved his meat - he was a true carnivore at heart, plus he absolutely loved cheese, eggs and butter!
Favorite Toy: Buddy loved his raw beef marrow bones (his exercise bones), they were truly toys for him as he loved to pick them up and shake them around while he was chomping on them. He also loved his frisbees, snowballs and sticks. He also enjoyed "stealing" tennis balls from our new neighbour's dogs, and bringing them home as trophies!
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Bud Bud, Buds, Boo Boo, Buddy Moo, Moo, Moo Moo, Mooey, Lammie, Lamb, The Little Man, Pumpkin Boy, Butterscotch Boy, Bouncy Boy, The Sweetness
There are no words to describe how much capacity Buddy had for giving unconditional love, affection and attention. All he ever wanted was to be with his family and friends, giving and receiving lovey. He actually would get depressed and would turn away, when people had to leave and say good-bye for awhile!

Buddy was witnessed being left beside a highway when he was under a year old or close to a year, according to closest estimates. Someone saved him thank goodness, and he made his way to the Ottawa Golden Rescue, where he was neutered and given medical attention. He was 20 pounds underweight at the time, and had suffered obvious abuse. The staff thinks he was kept outside, possibly in a concrete enclosure, as his paw pads were quite worn, for one so young.

I will never forget the first day we met Buddy. It was at his foster mom's Kendra's home, a volunteer for the Golden Rescue, and he had such a special bounce and glow about him! He jumped up on the couch next to me, and it was love at first sight and touch! We decided to try and qualify for being his mom's, and went through the adoption process, which was thankfully a success, as we also had a nice recommendation from his foster mom.

Buddy made friends with his foster mom's golden retrievers, too. He had a special connection with Austin, who loved Buddy very much. They had a special way of touching paws and connecting when they slept. Auttie and Buddy are together now, without pain, keeping each other company and romping free. It was a very sad day for Buddy's foster mom, when she brought him all groomed and freshly bathed to our home. It broke her heart, leaving him with us and our hearts went out to her, because she had grown so attached to him, and loved him so much. We have some cherished pictures and videos of a couple of their reunions, when she came to visit Buddy after he had been with us for awhile.

Buddy loved to be petted and hugged, and he also loved to burrow his head into your chest and just press in and be held. He would make these emotional little sounds when doing this, and also at other times when receiving hugs and lovey.

Buddy had the cutest little ritual, when it came to going for a walk! When he knew it was time for a walk or time to play outside, he would get all excited and start chasing his tail in circles...then he would latch onto his back leg and hop around, doing this little growl and then he would fall over and keep chewing on his leg! I would always say..."poor leg!" to him, and he would just look at was the sweetest thing...then finally, I'd tell him "Let's go Bud" and most of the time, he'd be ready to go, after doing this little warm-up was totally Buddy.

Bud had separation anxiety issues at first, that eventually got better with time as he became more secure and comfortable with us. Thankfully, it wasn't too long before Buddy knew that he was finally in his forever home.

Buddy always made friends easily, both with people and with other dogs. We would sometimes take care of Coco, who was an adopted mixed breed owned by young friends of ours. It was always a joy for Buddy to have Coco come to stay! We have some fun videos and pictures of them playing together in the house, and also at the doggy park - what a pair!

Buddy had a special Rottweiler friend named Riley, who was just a young pup when they first met. Buddy became Riley's very first and best friend! They loved to chase, wrestle and play in Riley's pond in the front of her home and through the nearby fields. Riley also loved grabbing onto Bud's tail when she tried catching him. I'll never forget how she would always have a mouth full of Buddy's fur after chasing him! Buddy always needed a nap after a session with Riley!

Buddy enjoyed visiting and staying at his Aunt Gracie's place in Ottawa, with Myles her special Wheaton terrier. There was always something good to eat for him at Grace's, and the nice fenced in yard to romp in, close to the house! We enjoyed taking walks together, in Gracie's west end neighborhood as there was a park close by, and pleasant streets to explore.

Buddy enjoyed his new friend, Katie, a Bichon Frise who came to stay with us last winter. Buddy loved playing in the snow. He loved chasing snowballs and jumping from snow bank to snow bank. We have some wonderful videos of Buddy playing in the snow, with Katie trying to chase and catch him while on her extended leash!

Another place where Buddy met many new friends and kept up with old friends, was at the Conroy Pit dog park in Ottawa. While living close to there, he made many fun trips to the park and loved meeting other dogs and chasing them. Buddy liked to chase more than be chased and there were a number of special fields where the dogs had lots of room to just be dogs and romp to their heart's content!

Buddy had two special grandma's - grandma Basia in Ottawa who loved giving him his “Buddy Biscuit” treats and enjoyed spoiling him with tables scraps, and his grandma Helen who loved spoiling him with Swiss cheese...(or cheese curds - Bud just loved cheese of all sorts!) Grandma Helen has a big field behind her house where Buddy loved to run and chase his frisbee's...(and once in awhile, go over and tease Shelby Rose, my mom's neighbor's dog who was often outside in her fenced in yard).

Another place close to grandma Helen's was the town recreational center, where there were two ball fields and a track where people enjoy taking walks or runs to keep in shape. Buddy loved going there - there was so much room to run and he enjoyed exploring the fields close by to the track.

Buddy loved to ride in the car, especially in the front seat when mom was driving. He always loved putting his head on my lap, and sometimes he would lovingly rest his chin on my chest and look up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes. As mentioned before, Buddy never liked to be left at home, and would turn away and not look at us when we had to go somewhere without him, so we tried to take him with us as much as we could. It was so heartbreaking to leave him, but as you know, sometimes we just have to. The best part was coming home, knowing he would be so happy and excited to see us again!

Buddy was a real “couch boy”! He especially loved grandma Helen's couch, and he also loved his couch at home. He had the cutest way of getting off the couch - he loved to do this little stretch with his legs straight out (the back ones, still on the couch!). He loved to prop his beautiful head on the side of the couch and doze and dream. He loved his many comfy doggy beds, too, especially the big round one that was a gift from Auntie's Debbie and Karen, with the cedar chips in it, and eventually he started loving his darker brown Kong bed, too. Buddy also loved to “hide” under  kitchen or dining room tables - he always wanted to be in a strategic position for any droppings he could scoop up quickly!

Buddy had a very special and close relationship with his Aunt Kris and first cousin, Joelee. He loved to dance with both of them...(and with a little friendly humping, thrown in!). He would always get so excited when they came to visit or when we went to visit them! Joelee was only ten when Buddy first came to us - I will never forget that day when she was so surprised and overjoyed to see that there was a new pup in the family! She first saw the shadow of his paws under the truck, as he was first getting out to greet her, which was the very moment when she knew there was someone very special coming into her life! Our pictures of that moment in time say it all - a moment of pure joy for all of us, but especially for Joelee and Bud.

Joelee loved to train Buddy and very much enjoyed working with him, and also making him work a little bit for his treats! She had a special way with him with the treats and she worked with him with love and discipline in perfect combination. He loved his little crunchy cheesy treats, and of course he loved his “Buddy Biscuits” - especially the peanut butter flavored ones.

Joelee shared many beautiful quiet close moments with Buddy. She loved putting her head on his belly for a pillow and she loved just holding him close and cuddling, just the same as she did with our Jemmie dog, when she was a little girl. Joelee also loved to kiss Buddy on this very sweet furry soft spot on his face, and one of the pictures below shows her kissing him on that very special spot!

Sometimes we referred to Bud as a contortionist - he would get himself into these different positions, some of which didn't look too comfortable, but it must have worked for him! One pose he loved to do, we called his “Mecca” pose, where he would put his legs straight out in front of him, with his paws facing down, praying to “Mecca”. He also loved to turn his head and look up at you, gently asking you to give him affection, i.e., rub his belly or give him a kiss or hug...

Mommy and Buddy had a special time after supper at night, called “Buddy Buzzy Time!” Our vet taught us many things about helping Buddy stay healthy, and one of them was brushing Buddy's teeth on a daily basis, with an electric tooth brush. For toothpaste, I made a solution of 25 ml of pure well water in a small glass spray bottle, with 25 drops of aerobic oxygen added. I sprayed the outside of Buddy's teeth with this mixture, as it helped to prevent the build up of plaque. Then, I took the electric toothbrush and brushed the outside of his teeth, especially his back molars. It wasn't necessary to do the insides of his teeth, as his tongue action helped keep the inside surface of his teeth clean.  

We also learned the importance of adding a good probiotic powder to Buddy's food, and also omega 3 oil specially for canines, to each meal, a very healthy supplement for dogs. We fed Buddy a good quality commercial food, with egg mixed in for breakfast, lots of time...or leftover veggies and some meats that he loved. If I had to do it over again though, I would have transitioned Buddy off of any commercial dry dog food, as I found out that this food may be hard on an animal's kidneys. Our vet has a recommendation for a recipe book, which I will be happy to share with anyone who wishes to contact me for this information.

Buddy was a total water loving dog, like so many goldens. He had many wonderful times at the cottage on Virgin Lake, near Calabogie. He loved jumping off the dock to fetch sticks, and then he would bring them up and chew them to bits, always leaving a bit of a mess to sweep up! He also taught himself to fish at the cottage. The shore was shallow and sandy there, and Bud would go back and forth for hours just mesmerized by the water, scouting for little fish.

It's still a mystery, whether or not Bud ever actually caught a fish, but one thing is for sure - he never gave up! The cottage also had a nice big level yard in the back, where Buddy loved to roll and dry off after a swim. We have some of our best pictures and videos of Buddy with family and friends, at the Calabogie cottage. He loved looking out onto his lake, through the big picture window in the living room, where he would put his paws up on the ledge, and sometimes even let out a little puff of “air”...(a little doggy fart) was absolutely adorable!

Buddy had special friends at the cottage - Pauline and Christian and their dog Chica. Buddy loved it when they would come to visit us there. Christian loved to play with Buddy, and one time, he created a special slide show starring Buddy during a snowstorm one January day - it was Buddy's special “Walk On The Moon” story, where we traversed our frozen lake in the storm together!

In the spring of 2008, Buddy had a close call in Virgin Lake. It was April and the lake water was still very cold and the ice had not been out that long. Buddy caught sight of our neighbor's white marker buoy, floating in the water, which was anchored to the bottom of the lake and was used to locate where their swimming dock would be placed for the summer. We did not see him swim out to it - we didn't know where he had gone and were looking frantically for him, then realized he was in the lake. He had swum out to the neighbor's white floating buoy and was trying to retrieve it! There was no boat available, or easy way to get to him. We tried desperately to call him into shore but he would not let go of that buoy, and if he didn't let go and swim to shore soon, he was sure to become exhausted, swimming frantically in circles like he was, and drown. So mommy did a very foolish thing, and swam out in the freezing water to get him. Luckily, he wasn't caught up too badly and just needed someone to help him let go of the buoy. His mother...(yes, mother, not mommy!) called him back to shore, but I will never forget how he kept looking back and checking on me, to see if I was coming, too. That was one of those precious times early on, where he endeared himself to me forever...

Luckily, this story had a happy ending - no one was seriously hurt and Buddy learned his lesson - no more white marker buoys for lunch!

Buddy was always there for our special family gatherings and holidays - he was definitely our “little man involved”! We have many wonderful photos and videos of him sharing our special moments - treasures that are worth their weight in gold. We are so lucky to have shared Halloween celebrations, Thanksgiving celebrations and Christmas times with our sweet boy...

Buddy's illness with kidney disease may have been brewing in him for awhile. Looking back on some of his little clues, we saw subtle changes to his behavior in the months leading up to his illness. He was a dog that never quite had the stamina or endurance of many other dogs. We think he may have been the runt of the litter. His rough start in life probably worked against him, too. When we knew that he could not recover, after trying very hard to save him, we let him go peacefully before he suffered, with lots of hugs, kisses and tears.

All Buddy ever wanted, even more than food, was his lovey. He even trained us to give him kisses before taking his food! He had a special way of connecting with people, and with many other dogs, too. Our family will miss Buddy always. He leaves a huge hole in our hearts and we miss his hugs, his affectionate nature and sweet presence very much. We cherish the memories we have of Bud, and only wish we could have had many more with him.

Be sure to give your special furry kids extra hugs and kisses today - they are on loan to us only for a short time.

I could write so much more about Bud and the beautiful memories he gave our family and friends, and look forward to doing just that as the memories continue to flow, hopefully one day without this sad aching in my heart.

Thank you for reading about Buddy's life - how he touched and blessed us in so many ways for the better and for the lasting examples he gave us, when it comes to living one's life - forgiveness, unconditional love, boundless affection, kindness, pure joy, and living life where it is meant to be lived - in the moment.

It was a true honor and privilege to care for Buddy, to spend time with him and to have him as a close and cherished family member.

In closing, I would like to share a beautiful poem, Author Unknown, shared by Kendra, Buddy's foster mom before we adopted him from the Golden Rescue:

"Before humans die, they write their last Will and Testament, give their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If, with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I'd ask:

To a poor and lonely stray I'd give:

-  My happy home
-  My bowl and cozy bed, soft pillows and all my toys.
-  The lap, which I loved so much.
-  The hand that stroked my fur & the sweet voice which spoke my name.

I'd Will, to the sad, scared shelter dog, the place that I had in my human's loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds.

So, when I die, please do not say "I will never have a pet again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand."

Instead, go find an unloved dog, one whose life has held no joy or hope and give MY place to HIM.

This is the only thing I can give...The Love I left behind."

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