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Domestic Short Hair
November 1st, 1995-January 17th, 2013
Melisande ("Mela") was my best friend. She was the sister of my cherished Raven, (see previous Memorial). My two, beloved furbabies left me within a time span of less than 11 months.
Melisande Melisande Melisande Melisande Melisande
Colour: White with black "polka dots", in fact I used to call her "Miss Polka Dot". Her facial markings were gorgeous, a half black mask, ending in two perfect "tear drops" one in the inner corner of each eye, white blaze, pink nose, ears half pink, half black.
Favorite Activity: The purring game (which she played with me throughout her life).
Favorite Buddies: Her sister Raven was her favorite, I was content to be her 2nd favorite!
Favorite Food: Baked chicken breasts, bacon, (human) tuna, and in a totally un-catlike fashion, she loved crispy stuff like toast (her absolute favorite) Cheerios, Corn Flakes, or any other crunchy stuff she could pilfer!
Favorite Toy: Her squid and her green glitter ballie (when she was younger) and her striped "Merrickville mousy", which she played with until the end of her life.
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): "Mela", "Miss Mela", "Miss Polka Dot"
Melisande (along with Raven) came into my life as unsocialized, neglected, 4-month old kittens. They were rescued and entrusted to me as I had extensive animal welfare experience, and had often helped in socialization of both cats and dogs.

They adapted very quickly and we three formed an inseparable bond. Raven was always the leader. Melisande would watch her sister and try to emulate her, but lacked the confidence. Over the years, that changed and clownish little "Mela" gradually evolved into a  true "alpha" , in fact, a bully to our 5 other cats. Not to Raven though - the two remained incredibly close, in fact, they had not one fight in sixteen years together.

Melisande was crafty and had an incredible knack for getting her way. Some of her habits were hilarious, and she often made us laugh, although we knew that she knew we were laughing with her, not at her! She was fastidious, elegant, reserved, and very, very stubborn.

Her unique personality was clearly demonstrated during her last illness: she spent almost a week in hospital, and as a kitty who had never gone outside, in fact, had never been away from home, one would have expected a cringing, cowering attitude, while in the strange place. But the vet and staff were amazed by her behaviour: she was constantly watching everyone and everything, she never hid, never protested when being handled or medicated, and was sociable and intensely curious. All this was incredibly uncatlike and even more amazing considering how ill she was at the time.

She was unique and beautiful, and my heart has not healed, now a year since her death...
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