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January 31st, 2001-August 3rd, 2016
Balto was a true blessing
Balto Balto Balto Balto Balto Balto Balto Balto Balto
Colour: red collar with sometimes red scarf, white belly and legs and most of face, black back and grey ears and top of head with some hint of beige with time
Favorite Activity: Running away to the river and to his other husky buds
Favorite Buddies: Nicki-our passed golden retriever- during his first year and Snoopy-a shitzu- for most of his life.
Favorite Food: Yogurt and ice cream, salmon and meat, except chicken... he got allergic to chicken with time
Favorite Toy: His pink squeeky ball
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Pooshkin, poopie, puppy, doggietoes, beltoes, bobcat, puppykins, babypup, poopcakes, pumpkin, baboumshkin, cutiepup, booboo, big baby
He was a beautiful and lovable dog. His stance was strong and majestic;  his goofy smile and energy never dimmed. We miss you Balto, and we have so many beautiful memories. A lot of people say that he was lucky and he must have been thankful that he was part of our loving family, but I do thank him for entering our life, thank you for those 14.5 yrs, I couldn't have asked for a better dog.

You were my buddy and baby, but you were also my protector. You brought joy to my day and to any one who laid eyes on you.

May you rest in peace, you will forever be in my heart and of our family as well.
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