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Lily Grzeskowiak

Lily Grzeskowiak

Domestic Long Hair
Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak Lily Grzeskowiak
Colour: Lily had the softest, most beautiful long light brown and black fur. She had a cute little white chin and light coloured belly, the odd black whisker, black paws (pawsies), expressive yellowy-green eyes and a light brown nose. And if that wasn´t enough gorgeousness, she had the cutest tufted toes.
Favorite Activity: Lily loved to lay in her Mama´s arms while she had belly rubs. She loved to stick her paws up to her Mama´s lips so that Mama could shower them with kisses. She loved to knead on her Mama´s belly, to be brushed, lick Mama´s plates, lay in the sun or as close to Mama as possible. She loved to show affection by giving us head butts, long eye blinks and tons of purrs.
Favorite Buddies: Elphie was her companion cat for 12 years. While they didn´t always seem to get along, Elphie misses her so much now that she is gone. Mama and Elphie loved her very much.
Favorite Food: What food didn´t Lily like? She loved food! She always wanted to eat. When she wasn´t eating her 3 scheduled meals per day, she was sneaking to lick the plates of Mama´s food that had yet to be taken into the kitchen. She loved the odd lick of ice cream from Mama´s finger or bowl. The moment Lily heard the can opener opening a can, no matter what it was or how deeply she had been sleeping, she would bolt into the kitchen looking for a treat; sometimes she´d get lucky and it would be something she could eat, like her favourite, tuna!
Favorite Toy: Lily was never interested in toys. She did enjoy the laser pointer on occasion. She was heavy footed and not the most agile for a little munchkin, but she participated and seemed to enjoy it. She loved anything with a string, and would often bat at and chew on my sweatshirt drawstrings.
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Lily Bear, Wiws, Wiwy, Wiwy Bear, Beauty, Baby Girl
Lily came into our life in 2008.  I was looking for a companion cat for my 1 year old, Elphie.  I found an add on Kijiji; a couple couldn´t care for their 4 year old cat anymore and were looking to give her to a good home.  I remember walking up the driveway to meet her for the first time.  She was waiting for me in the bay window, and I was stopped in my tracks by her beauty.  Lily greeted me at the front door and I immediately knew that I would be taking her home with me.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  

Over the past few days since Lily has passed, I have been reflecting on her life, her loves, her dislikes, her quirks, etc.  She loved to be petted, to have her belly rubbed, to be brushed, to eat, to lay in the sun and to be right next to her Mama.  She hated walking on the carpet and would walk the perimeter on the hardwood floor to avoid it, even if it meant taking the long way.  She liked a clean litter box, and would let you know if it wasn´t to her liking.  Lily would curl her right lip like Elvis if you touched a spot that she didn´t approve of while getting her belly rubbed.  She hated going into the cat carrier and if she heard its door open, she would bolt to a hiding spot.  Once in the car, no matter how long the ride, she was an angel.  She was a gentle little girl; a little standoffish until she felt comfortable around you, but never a nip or a scratch to anyone.  I could spend days writing about all of the things that made her so special, but I know that is not possible.  I will cherish the memories I have of her and pray they never fade.

The absence of Lily has shown me just how much she brought to mine and Elphie´s life.  We miss the routine of her 3 times per day feedings and the way she would vocalize that it was time for her breakfast, lunch and dinners.  The silence is deafening now that she is gone.  

We miss you so much, Lily and are so sad that you were taken from us so suddenly.  We would give anything to have been able to spoil you in your final months, weeks, days.  We loved you so much, and your absence has left a whole in our hearts and lives.  Elphie looks for you all day and it breaks my heart to see how much she misses you.  I wish she had have shown you how much she loved you when you were with us.  You were perfect in every way and I was so proud to be your Mama!  I wish I could give you one last belly rub, kiss your “pawsies” one more time and tell you how much you are loved.  I hope with all my heart that we meet again, Lily Bear.  I love you.

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