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Myles Malouf

Myles Malouf

German Shephard
May 10th, 1999-May 29th, 2004
The best dog anyone could ever hope is his story...
Myles Malouf Myles Malouf Myles Malouf
Favorite Buddies: Tekila and Arthur
It´s been almost six months since you´ve been at rest.  Although not a single day goes by that you are not with me in my heart.  I miss you terribly, your beautiful singing in the morning, your stinky toes, feeling so proud & protected by your side and most of all snuggling with you in front of a warm fire.  

You comforted me when your sister Tekila died (old girl).  You were there when I went through very difficult times over the last 2 yrs with my mommy problems and again when your brother Arthur fell sick suddenly & passed on as well.  

And then...

Just when I thought everything was falling into place, we were about to change homes and you were to be the only poochie that could have all of my attention.  One late, late night you fell VERY sick.  Myles, I think back to that horrible nightmare of nights, having to rush you (1 hour drive) to the vets while you were in pain.  It was the worst experience of my life.  I know that after you had your sedation, you were very comforted lying in my arms as I spoke to you softly.  I held you for over an hour and I knew that finally you were so so happy to have me all to yourself, even though it was our last moments together.  Those moments I will cherish forever for you were at peace & you fell asleep while snuggling safe in my arms.

You see, you were the baby, my last and I really thought that I could finally give you the life you deserved by being the only dog not having to share me with all of the others.  But your body was sick, even though you were mostly full of "piss & vinegar".  I always knew that you were on borrowed time.

I am so sorry for putting off the extra walkies- always thinking we can catch up when we moved. Human tendencies and I´ve learned differently now.

You´ve left a huge void in my life but I am grateful for the time I spent with you.  You truly were a wonderful, silly, moody & most faithful friend.  I thank you for sharing the most simplest, honest & peaceful moments one can experience.

Mommy loves...

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