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Houdini Suhajda

Houdini Suhajda

Domestic Short Hair
August 4th, 1986-September 29th, 2005
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Gender: Male

It was a late summer day in August 1986 when Carol brought home a tiny handful of love that we decided to call Houdini.

He grew into that name very appropriately and gave us countless examples of his magical catness over the last three decades.

We will always hear his gentle purring and expressive meows, feel his soft, luxurious and sweet scented fur and cherish those warm cat-hugs in our hearts forever.

Michael & Carol
Comments (1 )
Isn´t he just dignified and more perfect than any ´human´ can be.  For such an angel to have died at a real true ripe old age - well, so so so few ever have that opportunity.  And with dignity I´m sure he passed.  The tears must have flowed - and hopefully will continue to do so.  For to never have had the utter splendor and joy with such a miraculos animal being is unimaginable.  

Bless you Houdini & the rare and good ´parents´ you´ve had.  This picture of Houdini as an elder is so apt and amazing.  Rarer too is an orange male to survive with love.

Our Hopper is 18 1/2 and skin and bones but oh so completely compos mentis for his age.  (No he feels no pain and we have the best of ´vets who comes to our home) He eats so well - and when ever he so desires.

To support such priceless animal ageing, to embrace their old age and hence decide (with our gentle intervention) ´the end´ is a most splendid gift.  We are so so lucky and often not always capable of understanding the true unconditional love and treasure and pleasure that such marvelous animals bestow.

I do hope I have not been hurtfully honest nor annoyimg.

From a home always always open to as many as possible broken/abused gems and - at present filled with 6 abused rescued ´varments´ and a "funny kind´a guy" toy poodle (runt ~ no $?) here´ makes each day more lovely than the next.

I send you my deepest condolences.

Our Princess and Thomasina - we have their remains from "Eternal Friends".  In our pain we never sent the bio. of each of them to the website.  We shall pull ourselves together and share....

With the greatest respect to you and all the ´good´ people who care.

Alice (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

January 28th, 2010 03:50:17
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