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Special Consideration for a Special Friend

Special Consideration for a Special Friend
At Eternal Companions, your family and pet are treated with the respect and compassion you would receive upon the death of any family member.

A caring staff member will be there to pick up  your pet at your vet clinic always within 48 hours or the same day** if need be or at your home** the same day death occurs.  Your ´pet angel' is wrapped in a ´pet blankie´ and placed in a wicker basket or, for larger pets, on a specially designed pet stretcher for transport to our centre.  

Our transportation service and the handling of your loved one is unsurpassed in pet after-death care.  In death, just as they were in life, your pet is treated gently with love and dignity until Eternal Companions places them back in your care for eternity . . .

Eternal Companions offers you unprecedented options as a pet parent . . .   options your  veterinarian may not be aware of.

Let Us Share your Burden

Eternal Companions is here to help you by listening to your needs and answering all your questions, while guiding you through the process of honouring, remembering and personalizing your little angel's memorial through these services:

What if it is not you that is facing the imminent death of a beloved pet?

Do you have a friend who could use a strong and knowledgeable shoulder through a difficult time?    Share what you've found and help them send their pet to the Rainbow Bridge with dignity.

Please explore your options here or Contact Us to learn more.
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