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Forever By Our Side

Even in death, Rocco remains at the center of his family.

Rocco was a sweet little boy who loved to be with people all the time - always playful, forever loyal and such a little clown!

Rocco died after 21 years - he was a little man with a big heart and he is missed very much.  He continues to watch over his family from the mantle in the living room.

Keep Your Pal by Your Side

Cremation provides the comfort of knowing your pet is near you, while giving you the time to think about how you would like to memorialize him.  Some options you and your family might want to consider for your petīs ashes are:

  • Keeping them in their urn so they are always near
  • Scattering the ashes at their favourite park where they loved to play, fetch a stick or ījust be a dogī
  • Where your cat lounged in the sun under the backyard tree
  • Laying them to rest with a blooming memorial of īForget-Me-Notsī

Private Cremation

Eternal Companions will pick up your faithful friend quickly always within 48 hours and if need be, the same day death occurs*.  Our transportation service and the handling of your loved one are unsurpassed in pet after-care.  In death, just as in life, your beloved companion is treated gently, with love and dignity, until Eternal Companions places your friend back in your care for eternity. . .

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Legacy Tribute

  • Pick Up Of Your Pet At The Vet
  • Clipping of your Petīs Fur in a Personalized Memorial Card
  • Certificate of Life
  • Private Cremation
  • Choice of Ceramic Urn, Bamboo Urn, or Organza Pouch
  • Engraved plaque
  • Delivery back to your Home

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Private Reflections Tribute

  • Pick Up Of Your Pet At The Vet
  • Clipping of Your Petīs Fur in a Memorial Card
  • Certificate of Life
  • Private Cremation
  • Organza Pouch (no urn)
  • Delivery back to your veterinary clinic

0 to 20 lbs$325.00
21 to 40 lbs$350.00
41 to 60 lbs$400.00
61 to 100 lbs$450.00
101 to 120 lbs$500.00
121 lbs ++Please Call
Exotics Please Call
Private Reflections
0 to 20 lbs$250.00
21 to 40 lbs$275.00
41 to 60 lbs$325.00
61 to 100 lbs$375.00
101 to 120 lbs$425.00
121 lbs ++Please Call
Exotics Please Call

Mileage/distance fee may apply

Regardless of the cremation service chosen, your beloved companion will be treated with respect and dignity.

If you have any questions, please
do not hesitate to Contact Us.
Contact Papilio

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